Our Company

TPF Nursing is a privately owned staffing company located in Greenwich Village, New York. Servicing New York’s hospitals, nursing homes, schools, urgent care centers, GI Clinics and outpatient clinics since 1989, TPF has earned a reputation for expertise and quality.

Clients can rely on TPF Nursing to staff specialty areas not covered by the larger volume providers.

Our Mission

Our mission as a vendor is to improve staffing; reduce internal and external costs to facility; and to promote and monitor consistent clear communication between client and employee.

With our extensive staffing experience, TPF Nursing aims to provide quality staffing to your facility, office, business, or school.


  • Recruitment of qualified experienced health professionals and
  • Manage and monitor overall staffing performance
  • Comprehensive and customized reporting for client
  • Compliance with the Department of Health, The Joint Commission, OSHA, and HIPAA
  • Consistent clear communications between the client, TPF, and Resource