Training Programs

TPF Nursing in conjunction with the Association for Health Care Facilities (AHCF) proposes an alliance with client hospitals to utilize State funding from the Health Care Reform Act (NYS Retraining Initiative) for the training and retraining of health care workers to meet the requirements of the changing health care industry.

The training is paid for through grants awarded by the Department of Health and Department of Labor. The Association of Health Care Facilities (AHCF). TPF Nursing Registry, Inc. and client hospital(s) will function in a collaborative manner to create a curriculum, and to select appropriate participants for the training program.
Training Goals
Training Programs
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A large part of this effort involves industry insight, understanding the future needs and trends that affect today’s healthcare facilities, and anticipating future developments so we can proactively develop training programs that will best serve our client facilities. We have developed over fifteen different training programs including the following: View Demo Any hospitals or schools interested in meeting with Association of Health Care Facilities to discuss the programs offered, should email AHCF.
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